Adam in camp talks about his quarrel with Ummi Rahab

This story is the beginning of the human conflict in the camp and ummi rahab stopped her reading and you did justice between them.

Because of this, the controversy is small now and the controversy is big.

The reason for their size is that an old human being in the camp caused it. You will know who in the future and you will know his name insha’Allah.

Here is a little bit of the story of Ummi Rahab and Adam in the camp before they got into trouble until they parted ways.

Itti ummi rabah met adam in the camp while filming ummi adam in the camp did not bring ummi rahab kannywood experts not as her cousin Yasir explains.

The first arrival of ummi rahab kannywood experts was a great director at KANNYWOOD named muazzamu idi yari yakasai.

Muazzamu is about to start looking for a target outside of Yasir given by Ummi Rahab in a film as Yasir tells reporters in a 20-minute video.

He was the first human to meet Ummi Rahab in the camp He was also invited to spit in the mud of ummi rahab and camp at the beginning.

The film ‘ummi’ has just been completed and ummi rahab has impressed the leading directors and producers of kannywood.

Just like ALI NUHU has long been a major figure in the kannywood industry until Ali Nuhu asked for Ummi Rahab to be cast in a new film.

After a couple of weeks of karma, Adam came to the camp and called Yasir, who was outside Ummi Rahab. Yasir wanted to give Ummi Rahab a break. sai ga Then Yasir wanted to give Ummi Rahab a break in his house if he was open because he saw the language of his accustomed son.

At that time, the people in Basami camp in Bunda were upset because Ummi Rahab was coming to my school at that time, but Yasir’s cousin Yasir warned Adam in the camp that if they mentioned the holiday, it would lead to the camp of the girl.

Yasir fulfilled his promise to the people in the camp after they were given ummi rahab for school holidays as it was not possible for them or other students when the time came.

Then Yasir and Ummi Rahab went to Kaduna in ZANGO, just as Yanema had seen before and during the break, Adam went to camp with Yasir.

After visiting the house for a few days, Yasira called Yasir and told him that if Badamuwa wanted to marry Ummi Rahab’s relatives, after they had finished talking, they ordered him to camp with his ancestors.

However, he did not seek revenge on his relatives and did not send his ancestors until he started filming. They are happy to watch Saiyanemi Yasir, Ummi Rahab’s cousin.

They are surprised that they have been married for a year but it doesn’t happen
it is now the subject of a film takawoshi unmarried after agreeing to marry the white moon.

Then they started to have problems
As he turned his back on me, I was greeted by a very nice and friendly man.

ALI ARTWORK started his career in the field of foolishness and the whole nation knows that God made man ameen summa ameen this is not from the history of UMMI RAHAB AND ADAM IN ZANGO.


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